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Best Phone Under 25000 Best Paisa Wasool 5G Phones

Friends, I have brought many amazing 5G phones for you people and the price we have picked is revolutionary. Best Phone Under 25000 Many new phones have been launched on this and that is why we have done this in the price category. There is so much competition from many interesting all-rounder phones.

What can I tell you, we have brought many such good 5G phones which we will recommend to you. If your budget is within 25000 or between 20 and 25000 then you have come to the right place because today I am going to recommend you some great phones.


Best Phone Under 25000 : IQOO Z9 5G

 First of all, the phone is Iku’s Z9 which has been launched recently. It is a very interesting smartphone. If you compare it with the G7, earlier you used to get a water drop display. Now they have given a punctured display. This is an AMOLED display of 6.67 inch Full HD Plus. Yes and your under display fingerprint scanner is also provided.

 Which is a very good thing, at the same time, the panel of two displays is of very good quality, with a pickup of 1800 minutes, the production is also available separately here, Dragon Trial lamps are available here along with MediaTek Diamond City 7200 chipset. It is 4M and this is the first phone in the segment which is giving you this chipset in the range of Rs 20000 and at the same time LT 4×2.2 is just a bit okay but still the performance of the phone was very good. Didn’t see much like status


The 50 megapixel camera is also interesting. It has a Sony IMAX 882 sensor. It takes photos very well with voice as per the price and has a 16 megapixel selfie. You get a 5000 month battery. You have fast charging of 44 watts. If it is at 14 then it has 2 years of updates. So you will get updates till Android 16 and friends, it is a very interesting package. Talking about the price, 8128 8256 is the base variant of 8128 8256.


 It is a higher variant for Rs 20000, it is on offer for Rs 22000, sometimes you can get it even below Rs 20000, it is a very good phone, I am recommending it to you, if your budget is this much, then you can go and check it out, it will come again.

Best Phone Under 25000 : POCO X6 PRO

 Friends, Poco’s You have been given a display output of 5, along with this you get MediaTek Diamond City 8300 Ultra chipset, this chipset is of 4M.


 The performance which will give a very premium experience is quite top notch here. At this price, you will not get any other phone which has Diamond City 8300 chipset and along with it you get LT 5x and AFS-4, so this is the RAM storage. The support is top notch which you don’t get to see in most of the other phones at this price range and along with that you have a 64 megapixel camera.


 There is also an ultraviolet sensor, you get ASP and you get a selfie of 16 megapixels, the camera is not that much over the top but you can take balance photos or decent photos, I will say this here, 5000mAh battery, 67 watt charging battery charging Both are from Lotus and are on Android 14.

 You will get updates in it for 3 years. Friend has said that hopefully here you will get updates till Android 17. The brand is a little behind in the matter of updates but if you do not have time to get updates then it is a good thing. You get 8GB RAM and 256GB storage at Rs 26000. On offer it comes up to Rs 25000

 Below that also comes a very powerful smartphone, RAM storage support is good, chipset is good, display is good, battery charging, everything is good, so if you think that you want very strong performance, then this phone is waiting for you. comes


Best Phone Under 25000 : POCO X6

Poco’s X6 is the younger brother of Poco Rest of the display quality is almost like Poco looks good

But this phone came on Android 13. Poco You can get updates, but you get many variants in it.

The Basement 8256 is available for Rs 20,999 and on sale it is also available for Rs 20,000 but it has a very good package and is a very powerful phone which you can go and check out.

Best Phone Under 25000: Redmi Note 13 Pro

After that comes Redmi Note 13 Pro. Now this phone is almost Poco. You get everything like annual updates etc. Only the camera is available here with a 200 pixel camera.

 Best Phone Under 25000

So if you want a better camera then you can try the Redmi Note 13 Pro. You get a little change here and its price ranges from Rs 22-23000. So if you want a better camera than Poco x6 then Redmi Note 13 Pro. Note 13 Pro is waiting for you then comes again


Best Phone Under 25000 : ONEPLUS NORD CE4 5G

 OnePlus’s Nord CE4 5G has been launched in India on Ali. It is worth adding because you get a Snapdragon 7 Gun 3 in it. This is the first phone that you get to see with this chipset. Forex and AFS 3.1 Sony. Lavit 600 sensor you get


 a 50 megapixel ultraviolet sensor is also provided and a 16 megapixel selfie camera, it should have been a little better, we have told it in our unboxing, along with the same, you get a 120 pixel AMOLED display, 100 display fingerprint scanner, oxygen etc.

 Best Phone Under 25000

It is based on Android 14 but the updates are only for 2 years. In the unboxing it was said that 3 years of updates would have been better and the battery is very good. 5:30 The battery of the image is 100 watt charging, so this combination of both gives you a very good 8128 ITS. The price starts from Rs 25000 because according to me the chipset you get here is very powerful for the price.


Best Phone Under 25000 : REALME NARZO 70 PRO 5G

 Best Phone Under 25000

After that comes Realme NARZO 70 Pro 5G, a very interesting 5G smartphone. After a long time, some good phones have been launched by Realme in which Bluetooth is also available and here you get AMOLED 120Hz higher refresh rate. 67 votes for ₹5000 image, you get a 2000 nits pixel brightness which is very good, the battery is also good, you get charging.


 But the camera is the best part of this phone. The 50 megapixel Sony IMAX 890 sensor means this is the first phone in the segment which provides you this sensor here. You can get good photos.

 Best Phone Under 25000

 Actually the 16 megapixel selfie also gives good photos. Diamond City 7050 LT is quite good here as per the price. Android 14 is real, 2 years of updates, 3 years of security patches, it is worth 20000, its 8 is 128, 22000 is 8 updated 256 according to me. A very good package from Realme after a long time. If you like it then go and check it out. One thing I forgot to mention is that it has a glass back and the design is also very premium. Then it comes.


Best Phone Under 25000 : NOTHING PHONE 2A

 Best Phone Under 25000

Nothing’s Phone 2A has been launched recently. Flexible AMOLED display. Higher refresh rate of 120 pixels. Punctual display smoothness is good. Display quality panel is good. Software is very good. Lots of updates. All the brands have pushed Nothing over 2.5.3. We have tried it. Full review has also been posted here, you will get the card, definitely go and see the rest of the software experience, you can enjoy all this completely.


The chipset is Predik Diamond 200 7200, this chipset is of Pro, it is a bit customized, it is of 4M but LT 4X AFS 2.2, this thing was very lacking in it and the phone used to lag a bit in it, but with the update, they made it fast, which we used in our It is mentioned in the review that it has a 50 megapixel camera.


50 Megapixel Ultrawide and 32 Megapixel Selfie is one of the best cameras. When I bought the smartphone, it took very impressive photos. Rest, you will get 3 years of updates and this phone came on Android 14, so you will get updates till Android 17 and also. With 8 128 256 12 256 different variants but the latest variant is available for Rs 24000.

 Best Phone Under 25000

So within 24000 it comes to 25000. If you want a good software experience and want some different design then definitely this phone can be the best bike for you. After that comes


Best Phone Under 25000 : MOTOROLA EDGE 40 NEO

 Best Phone Under 25000

I am talking about a very great value for money smartphone. Motorola Edge 40 came and made a splash because it has a curved AMOLED display of 144 Hz. The display quality panel is very premium. Under display fingerprint scanner is installed here. In the rest, you get a chipset like Diamond City 70306 and here you get LPDR 4×2.2, this is the only shortcoming, but we checked as much as possible because it has stock Android installed on the phone, which remains in the memory.

 And the speed is very fast, app open close multitasking, we did not see any problem here, there is a 50 megapixel camera, it comes with an ultraviolet sensor and a 32 megapixel selfie is also given.


The camera is also very interesting as per the price, it has a 5000mAh battery, you get 68W charging and this phone came on Android 13 and the brand has talked about 2 years of updates.

So you will get updates till Android 15 and give this suggestion and feedback to the brand to update as soon as possible.

 Best Phone Under 25000

Because if people complain a little then it would be better 8128 12 256 The base variant is available at Rs 23000 but sometimes it goes up to Rs 21000, so it is a very good package, if it is available on offer then even more value. The phone is made for money


Best Phone Under 25000: Infinix Zero 30 5G

 Best Phone Under 25000

 Infinix Zero 30 5G is a very interesting smartphone, it has a very interesting display, its display is 6.7 inches and this curved ambulatory display is 144 Hz, you get a higher refresh rate, you get an under display fingerprint scanner, the design is also very premium, you get to see the liter design here. Is


 You get chipset with Diminosity City 8020, LPDDR4X AFS 3.1 is installed here, so the performance here will be quite good as per the price so that it has 108 megapixel camera.

 And along with this, there is also an ultraviolet sensor. Here you are given 13 megapixels separately and with 50 megapixels, you get a selfie with auto focus, which is a big thing in itself. Selfies can turn out quite good. 5000mAh battery with 68W charging.


This phone came on Android 13, so the update here is only for 1 year, so if you think that this phone will not get many updates, then you can ignore it, apart from that, 8256 different variants are available. But the basic variety you get for Rs 2000 is a very good package, I think it is an interesting smartphone.

 Best Phone Under 25000

It is a powerful smartphone which you can go and check out, so friends, these are many great 5G smartphones that you can get for Rs 25000 in India. If your budget is between Rs 20 to Rs 25000, you need a good all-rounder 5G phone. I have given you all the options here and if you choose any of these phones then there is no harm, all the phones are good here because we have sucked the same force and brought it here specifically for you people.




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