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Xiaomi CIVI 4 Pro 5G Price,Specification Under Low Price

Xiaomi CIVI 4 Pro Xiaomi people are doing wonders in China. they launch phones at such prices with such features, will your mind be blown and today I have one such phone here, this is from Xiaomi and 4 Pro is Xiaomi’s CV series which was earlier Neither was it launched in China nor came in A series in India. Last seen was A3.


After that, we will not give any phone of Xiaomi’s A series. Xiaomi has completely discontinued that series. Many motherboards with stock Android are available in China with very good features.


The Snapdragon 8S Gen 3 is installed in it, which gives you the lotus of features in a selfie, today we will tell you through real time experience, you will tell the box, complete Chinese period, we will not talk much.


Xiaomi CIVI 4 Pro 5G Unboxing

 You get a phone in the box along with a hard quality 67v adapter and you get a type c cable.


Xiaomi CIVI 4 Pro 5G Design & Build


Now talking about the design and belt here, show something different and new here and I think if the brand in India has to reduce the design, then yes, yes, Samsung is reducing the design, there is no doubt that much but some If you want to be more unique then you should learn a little from this phone.

 Like if you see, this entire thing here is in liters, the phone is in liters and this is also in liters but there is a layer here, they have put a small part here, this is glass.

So when you hold it, you get a dual flower, a liter flower also comes, a glass flower also comes, so it looks like a lotus to me, it is something unique and the color that has come to us.

Xiaomi CIVI 4 Pro  price

It is green in color, so it means the work has been done very well. If we talk about uniqueness, then it has a thickness of 7.5 mm and 175 grams. I have not seen such a light phone till now, I have seen many but this is one of the lightest phones, I can say this very much. Very good distribution, when Kamal was doing this too, the experience was like, brother, what am I doing, it is so light, no joke, don’t joke, rest of the frames you get in this are made of aluminum.

Dual speakers, there is a dual mic type C port, you have a dual SIM at the bottom, it is not hybrid and along with that, you have a power button on the right side, volume key above and in this you get an under display fingerprint scanner and an X axis linear motor. Here you will find all the hectic features of Xiaomi in different positions. IP ratings are not discussed officially here.


Xiaomi CIVI 4 Pro 5G Processor And Performance


Talking about performance, here we have the Snapdragon 8s gen3 which I wanted to test and this phone has brought that. Now there is no need to be confused about the chipset this is, here it is Snapdragon 8G 2 and 8G 3. Its max clock speed is 3 GHz Snapdragon 8 Gun 3 Its clock speed is 3.3 GHz So its clock speed is a little bit short The CPU is a little on the side

 Rest of its CPU is Arduino 735, Snapdragon 8G 3K is 750, Jeep is also a little bit of work but its mega frequency is 1100 where Snapdragon 8G 3K is 770, here they played a little game that The frequency gives you a little better gaming performance so that

 Rest of this is also best on 4M only, so there is no change, you can play all the variations of game play in it, now no matter how much you pass through this phone, it does not hang and lag in the case at all. The pricing of the Snapdragon 3 which Xiaomi has given is very good. Let’s talk about amazing display


Xiaomi CIVI 4 Pro 5G Display


 Quite impressive displacement, quite a decent size of 5 inches, you get a display here of 120 pixels, you get a high refresh rate, you have a touch sampling rate of 240 Hz and here it is DC P3, you have support of HDR 10 Plus, 12 bit display HDR David Dolby Vision has given all the masala here.

And you get a maximum peak brightness of 3000 nits. We also checked the display visibility outdoors. We found it to be very good. In fact, here you also get the production of Gorilla Glass 2 and at the same time, this curved display is slightly curved from the side. A little from the top and bottom too, specifically when to give light like Samsung Galaxy s22 ultra s23 ultra, it’s not much, just a little cup, if you use it, you will get full or flat, but if you see even a little in flat, then a premium. gives touch

 If we talk about display quality and you are given a dual selfie in front, then that dance is also visible to you, but you can hide the dance, an option is given in the settings, if you choose that option, a big one appears at the top, you will feel that the tip it is not there but

And this display is very premium and as fun as I have experienced.


Can’t talk much about the software because it has Android 14, it is the best on HyperOS.

And when we checked it out of the box, it is completely loaded with Chinese apps and we noticed this and this issue here, rest of the things, I cannot give much details here, when in India, if any. If he comes with the name then we’ll talk further, it is power.


Xiaomi CIVI 4 Pro 5G Camera Quality


Yes, you get a 50 megapixel primary sensor and Light Hunter 800 sensor is installed here and here you get AAS and the power of Li means that inside the room you get two above. If you type it is written here. Here you can choose between Vibrate or Authentic. If you want a colorful photo or want an authentic one, I am showing you a side by side comparison.

Xiaomi CIVI 4 Pro

 We had taken a photo in two different ways, one was vibrated and authenticated, in this way you can differentiate here, rest you get the support of max 4K 60fps in the video but if you have turned on HDR video. So that switches to 4K 30 FC and with that you get a 50 megapixel and a portrait rear sensor which is


 Where you get 25m and 50m jam, the quality of that is visible here, you can get very good quality jam portraits here and this is also the power of writing, so they have done a very good job in this also. Then along with that, you get another 12 megapixel Laika camera and ultimate photos here, you can get very good 120 degree wide angle photos here which you can see here. Talking about selfie, you get dual selfie here.

Xiaomi CIVI 4 Pro

32 + 32 megapixels, one here gives you a normal selfie, the second one gives you ultraviolet and max, here you get a hundred degree wide angle selfie and in this also you can shoot video of 30 apps of Maths 4. Before that, let me tell you one impressive thing. Which you get to see in its selfie, all the brands should learn this. Here I open the camera, so this is its selfie. Now here I go to the photo, first here you will see a 0.6, 0.81 and 2, so this is what you get in the selfie. Jam option given

 And here you also get to see A Fox but when I go inside the video and play the video, these options do not disappear, the options remain.

And here you will see 0.6 0.812 zooming out as much as you want. If you look in this way then it works and here if I go to the video area when I play it and show you


Here the zooming out is happening, that means it works inside the video also and one more thing was to show you that if here for example I have any product, this is how I played the video and here if I Let me come a little further and do the penance, in this way they will focus on this, if the focus is here on the product, then in this way you will get the penance fox.

 If you have any extra product


 In the video, you can take it in focus, rest here you get slow motion 720p 1920, so if you want to take video in very high quality or very slow motion, you can do that too. Chinese variant for India, Chinese variant for India accordingly. What worked is the color detection, everyone also looks at the quality. If you look into it, I saw a flickering issue in some very good photos.


 This is a little bit, the video turned out to be very good and the stabilization is also quite good here but one thing is that here you can come


Xiaomi CIVI 4 Pro 5G Battery Performance

Xiaomi CIVI 4 Pro

a 4700 mAh battery is provided and here a 67 watt adapter is available in the box, so within about 40 minutes you can fully charge it. Turn it off for this brand. Rest, friends, we have not tested in detail yet, how is the backup, so read more about this. but can’t talk about anything


Xiaomi CIVI 4 Pro 5G Network And Connectivity 

Bluetooth 5.4 Wi-Fi 6 2 / 2 Memo NFC and all the senses are supported here, let’s talk about the best part here and that is


Xiaomi CIVI 4 Pro 5G Conclusion

Its price is Rs 35000, it has been launched in China, I am converting it to tell you that it starts with 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage, so imagine such a beautiful phone features and its price is only Rs 35000, which in itself justifies it and its higher balance will give you If you see it then friends, this is CV4 Pro. Let us hope that in the future in India we will get such smartphones which will have such features.




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