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Motorola G64 Best Smartphone In Low Budget Specification Details

Welcome friends, another member has arrived in Motorola’s G series and this is Motorola G64 5G. Now it is available in Rs 15000 category in two different variants 8GB RAM 128 GB storage and 12GB RAM 256 GB storage. It seems quite impressive that they have also planned to launch a variant with 12GB RAM which is a good thing.


Motorola G64 5G Unboxing 


 Rest quickly inbox and you will see the box, it is like this, Moto G64 is mentioned here and after opening the box, first of all you get your phone in which PO is already installed and apart from that, your Here are some papers which type you have

 This is not type C, you only get type A to type C and rest of the 33 watt adapter is also given to you, I will remove it from here and show it to you clearly and with this you will not get anything else Semiconductor P Get all these here


Motorola G64 5G: Design & Build


Coming to the phone, the thickness of 89 mm and the weight distribution of 192 grams is very good, but it does not feel too heavy. At the back, you get glass material in the PM, which is seen in many Motorola phones now and it is not textured. Fingers here. doesn’t leave much of a mark

And also the color that I have is this one which is mint green, you get to see a pearl blue and this one which is also looking very premium.

 The layout of the room is very minimalistic. The frames are made of polycarbonate. You get the SIM tray on the left. You get a hybrid stall here.


 At the bottom you get a 3.5 mm jack, at the bottom you get a mic, at the top there is a dual mic, there is a Type C port for noise cancellation, so you get a speaker at the bottom, and in this piece, dual stereo speakers are given, so this is a very good thing and Motorola’s You get support for special audio, volume button on the right and power button below which you get fingerprint scanner.

And the response here is very good, very fast and the haptic is also good somewhere in the phone, like I have shown a new one, like when you swipe up on the door, a happy vibration feedback comes after booking it.

 What I liked a little bit is that if you get IP52 in the ratings then if water leopards fly then people can save a little bit of it, its look and flowers, its design etc. I found it to be quite premium.


Motorola G64 5G: Processor


Talking about performance, you get first meat in this and you will remember Mediatek Dimensity 7020.

This is its successor, you get most of the features like it, just two upgrades here, its clock speed has become 2.4, whereas in Mediatek Dimensity 7020, you used to get it at 2.2 GHz, so here you get a little better CPU. 

 And also its ISP now supports 200 megapixel camera, Diamond Set used to support 708 megapixel maximum, so here they have also improved its ISP, so you get these two upgrades in Diamond City 7025. Rest of the Antutu scores here are 5. came around lakhs


 Which is good for phones below Rs 15000 and CPU total also came out quite good here, 87%, so we did not see any issues of high protein. LPGTR is 4X 2.2. Here the app is open and close to multi-tasking. We did a small speed test on it. Even when I tried it, the phone does not sit much, it had a very smooth performance in this case.


Motorola G64 5G: Ram Storage And Gaming

 Talking about gaming, we set BM on high graphics and the game was on HD and we also played Call of Duty by setting it on Max, there was no problem in gaming there too, so if you want a good balanced performance then go for more date for gaming. off task if handling you smoothly


Motorola G64 5G: Display


Talking about the display, it is 6.5 inches. Yes, I like this display size very much. It is 6 inches 6.7 * 6.8 in the center, so for this, its one hand use is very good. With 6.5, it is full HD plus. An IPS display and you get it with a high refresh rate of 120 Hz. Now if you look here, when the high refresh rate is applied on top of the stock Android, it is so much smoother.

Motorola G64

 Look at this and you will know how smooth it is here, the rest is in Center and you get decent size here so that is good.


You get a decent brightness of 516 pixels outdoors. Baby angles were quite good here. Why have we done a lot of content? You have also been given a touch sampling rate of 240 words. HDR 10 is supported here. We have checked the video quality here. Made on YouTube, the quality is good, colors, sharpener etc. everything is good and this time in the display you get the production of Gorilla Glass, so for the first time ever Motorola has switched to Gorilla Glass and the quality of the display is good.


Motorola G64 5G: Software Performance  


Talking about the software, you get Android 14. It is stock Android, it is from Motorola and here you get one year’s annual update in it, that is, you will get Android 15 and 3 years of security patches. There is no update on Android 15 yet. Confirmation has not come, rest in this we saw some print installed apps like Brain Test, Facebook, LinkedIn, Kotak, so if you want, you can delete them.


There is no compulsion, rest we saw a complete folder of shopping in it, we saw a folder of entertainment, we saw many more folders, as you go through these, recommendations of many apps come but the good thing is that you can delete this also completely.

So if you do all these things then your experience will be much better than before, so that recording is available, if you are given Google dealer support, then you have to record the call with beep, now you can do it here, Mota Seeker, Mota Space and Mota Hub. All these features are available here


The complete folder of Motorola’s Justice is given. Whatever customization you want to do, you can do everything here and you also get the protection of Think Shield here. Software experience is quite good as per the overall price. Pixel is the primary sensor. In which you get hope, it is quite rare in the segment but here they have given it, it is a good thing.


Motorola G64 5G: Camera


Rest you get the support of Max Full HD video 60fps in it and along with that, the camera it has is an advanced sensor and you get it with Code Pixel Technology.

Motorola G64

 After that, there is an 8 megapixel ultraviolet sensor, in this you have been given a depth and micro. It was good that the brand these days was focusing more on two megapixel camera sensors. Along with 8, it also gives you direct ultraviolet depth and micro and also gives you photos of the ultimate. If I show you, you can get very good quality photos here. There was not much color shifting in normal photos and in Ultimate, which I found quite right as per the budget. Talking about selfie, there is a 16 megapixel selfie and its support video is also there. There is spot color in it, in fact there is also slow motion and if you see a lot of quality in slow motion then it comes out good.


 There were not many complaints about this too. Let me start with the camera sample and I liked the quality here, which means if you ask me within the budget, then I can definitely recommend it to you. If it comes to the camera here and I Loved the motor, did a good job


You can see the photos in front of your eyes, they look very vibrant, the work done on dynamic colors, you will see the interest, they have come out very well and the sharpener too, if you look at the face, the contrast has also been balanced very well, all this is visible to me here. I liked it very much and the selfie has also come out quite well here, it has 16 megapixels, so it has done a very good job, if you see the dynamic colors then it is very good, the rest of the night photos have also come out quite good here.

Motorola G64

 There were not many flat shoes even at night. The brightness was also good here. If you go in good light condition then you will be able to take better photos and the night selfie is also decent here. You can take ok photos here if you talk about selfies at night. Do what is possible in the budget, you can get it here. Video quality is impressive. Stabilization is good. Dynamic range sharpener is good. Same goes for selfies. There were not many complaints regarding the video here. As per the budget, I liked this I like this phone’s camera


Motorola G64 5G: Battery Performance

Motorola G64

But the picture is yet to come. Friends, if we talk about the battery, you get a battery of 6000 images and here you get the support of fast charging of 33 watts, but to charge the battery of about 6000 images, it will take you 80 minutes and around one and a half hour. It will take time to fully charge it, so the battery backup here is good.


Motorola G64 5G: Network And Connectivity & Extra Feature


 To you Talking about network connectivity, you get 14 5G bands in it, which is supported by Anar and you get 3 carrier aggregation support which is often present in Motorola phones.

If we talk about connectivity and network, then you have White One Album in it, Bluetooth 5.3 FM radio is available, for those who want to know then let us tell you that yes and along with this you get a camera in it, Wi-Fi is 5 4/4, you get minimum And you get support of all the senses that you have.


Motorola G64 5G: Conclusion


While leaving let’s talk about Prince and my opinion, I don’t know the exact price but as far as I have been told that you will get it within Rs. 15000 which I liked after seeing the features, brother yes if it comes within Rs. 15000 then it is correct, the rest is at your place. But it has two variants 128 and 12 256. Now it remains to be seen at exactly what price Motorola brings its phone.

 You are also getting some different offers on HDFC card, exchange bonus is also given, there is also no cost EMI, you are seeing all the information on the screen which you can avail here.




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