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New Skoda SUB 4m SUV Launch in India 6 लाख में Audi के मजे

Skoda The compact ACB segment has become a priority in India today, that is, people give priority to all the cars sold in this segment in India. In this segment, Tata Nexon is ruling today, after Tata Nexon, Brezza. After Brezza, Hyundai Venue comes next. After Venue, it has done 100 minutes and has become magnetized. These cars also come next.

 So, this segment is very much liked in today’s date but now to join the party of these cars, a new SUV from Skoda is going to be launched in India, although target testing is going on for now.

 And very soon this tax is going to give competition to these cars, so in this video I am going to give you detailed information about this tax like when will this tax be launched in India, what will be its price and who will be included in it. -What features will it offer?

 I am going to discuss everything in detail in this article, but the most important thing here is that I will tell you that this tax is currently in the testing phase. For the last three-four months, this government has been spotted during testing but the Skoda company is going to build this platform on top of this platform and use this platform. Recently, you may have seen some of Skoda’s accounts inside Labia also. So, the Skoda company is going to build this compact platform on top of this platform and definitely. You will get to see strong level features inside the government.


 Skoda: Size Of This Car

If I talk about the expected dimensions of this type, then the length of this size can be kept at 3.9 m, the weight of this size can be 1.8 m and the height will be seen around 1.6 m, although this is what is expected from the standard dimension. It is being said that with this dimension, Skoda can also be launched in the Indian market.


Powerful Engine


On the other hand, if I talk about the engine specifications, then definitely you will get the option of a very powerful petrol engine in the engine and in some reports it is also being said that in this engine, you will be given the option of 1.0 liter 3 cylinder with which you will get Power output of 115 and torque of 178 Newton meters will be seen. Side profile will be seen.


 It is going to look even better, you will get to see stop pounds and spoilers, you will get to see body color options, in reality you are going to get spoilers.

 And on the bumpers of Real you will get to see the option of Syllabus plate, so something like this is going to be popular, maybe during the launching you can also see some changes inside it and maybe here the government of Skoda company Can launch in India with some new color combination


New Skoda SUB 4m SUV Launch in India : internet features


 Internet features will be seen, New Delhi board design will be given and inside this you will get to see single tone color themes in the interior which is a good thing, some people like singleton color, some people like delta color. If you like the interior, then people have different demands, so here you will get to see this type of interior, you will get to see a floating touch screen information system.


Within this tax, perhaps the company can also offer a full digital instrument panel in the top model, automatic climate control will be given, you will get to see the option of liter, sunroof will be given, although you will not get the panoramic sunroof, it will be offered within the normal size.


The option of connect technology will be given in this variant. You will get a good amount of comfort and space in the front. In terms of comfort and space, it will not tax you at all because the comfort inside German cars is very good.

And as per the space, you will not face so much problem, perhaps more features can be added but if I talk about its safety features, then you are going to get a lot of safety features in this car and the German is known for its safety. Is


You will get to see 6 years standard and 6 bags will be given an option in top up the line bearing. This feature will be offered with an abs. 360 degree camera will be offered in the top model. This feature will also be offered. You will get to see traction controller, tire operation, monsoon system and many more safety features inside this compact car of Skoda, so see, the German car is much better.


But still why do people avoid these cars, then I would like to tell you that the maintenance of these cars is a little on the higher side, you will get to see a little more of their casting, however, for those who do not know, I would like to tell them that Skoda It is done and it is done, apart from this there are many companies, all these companies come under Volkswagen company and what Volkswagen company does is that only one part is made and that part is used in multiple cars.


 Due to this, the cost of the party increases a lot. Whether you consider the flowers or whether you consider the Vento, low voltage or Skoda, the parts of these cars will cost you a little more. Maintenance cost is also a bit high and unlike all the German cars being sold in India today or the old German cars, these cars are provided with very powerful engines.


 Because of that, there is a huge impact on the mileage as well. That’s why many people avoid German cars. Those who are truckers are the ones who buy these cars, although some people are like this and go with Skoda cars. Are


 Car Market Price


But if I talk about the upcoming competitive launch date of this Skoda, then this variant will be launched in India within the next two-three months and the expected price of this variant can start from Rs 8 lakh onwards. What do you think? How much should this type of price start from?




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