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Top 5 Cars under 10 lakhs in 2024 You Can Buy with Low Price

Top 5 Cars under 10 lakhs There are so many car options that we don’t understand which car to buy in the end because there will be so many options. If you are also one of them then this Article was made for you only.


Because here today I am going to tell you about the top five cars that you should buy within Rs 10 lakh, so the first car that I am going to recommend to you in the list is not that it is the number one car but it is one of the five cars.


 Tata Motors Altroz


 That is Altroz ​​of Tata Motors. Now Altroz ​​is the only hatchback which among all these I am recommending to you and there are many reasons for that. First of all, there is no compromise in safety, the car comes with good safety and has a five star rating. It also comes with premium quality and you will not miss out anywhere in it. 

Top 5 Cars under 10 lakhs

The second thing about this vehicle is that you have all the engine options available in it, whether you want petrol, CNG, turbo petrol or diesel. If you want then this is the only car in India today under Rs 10 lakh and if you see petrol automatic, then they give you DCA i.e. dual clutch transmission technology, otherwise all the other vehicles are made available to you only with MT. So this is its major standing point and plus there is no dearth of features etc. 


Five people can sit comfortably without any compromise. The boot space of the car is also big so overall it becomes a very good package for you so consider. By the way, we have made a lot of Article on Altroz ​​and for 15 years, seven and a half thousand kilometers are required, I can leave the link for you in the A button also.


Hyundai Exter


Now the second car which is recommended in a category and remains in this price range is called a micro SUV. Now SUV should not be said, this is a different story but it has been termed as micro SUV and this is Hyundai’s mixer. Now there is a lot of extra .

Top 5 Cars under 10 lakhs

 It becomes a great proposition for you in the market because it offers you a good mix of everything in terms of features and power. It is available with only one engine, 1.2 liter petrol and it comes with manual and MT. But CNG was also offered in it which was made available only in manual. Now overall if you look at the extras then it gives you a very good value proposition and if you look at Hyundai then they should try to get an upgrade for the one who is buying i10.

Top 5 Cars under 10 lakhs

 Towards Crash test rating on Extra was not done but Hyundai claims that their four or five star car will come easily in this vehicle and Extra also offers you a lot of features like big touch screen, digital instrument cluster, sunroof. Wireless charging is done, Type C charging port is done, so because of all this karma, the extra is a very good proposition for you to consider.


Tata Punch


The third car is again a car which completes the exterior itself and that is Tata Motors’ Panch. Now overall it is a very good product if you ask me because it is the only car which has come with a five star rating. 

Top 5 Cars under 10 lakhs

This small size of SUVS is available to you not only in petrol but also in CNG, so in this you get petrol with manual and MT and CNG is currently available only in manual. Now the good thing about its CNG is that You get more boot space here because you get two cylinder technology, the same story is actually done for Altroz ​​also, due to this you get a good amount of boot space in the car, so the five also gives you a lot of extra features like sunroof. Decent is done, screen size is done, Harman speakers come which play very good audio quality and overall this also becomes a very good package for you.


Maruti Suzuki Baleno/Fronx


The fourth car which I am going to tell you about in a category, actually France and Baleno both are sitting there but their pricing is within 10 lakh variants, so if you look at the variants of Delta within France, then it becomes a very good value proposition for you and In fact, if you ask me, it becomes a better choice than Baleno. For you, consider that ground clearance increases a bit, the car looks a bit more sporty.

Top 5 Cars under 10 lakhs

 Now in Baleno or in France, one thing is special that you have space in the rear seat. It is very much and it is one of the most special cars if you consider this revolutionary and overall its petrol engine also gives good power, without compromising on mileage, overall Baleno and France also offer you a lot of features. 360 Camera Heads Up Display Now tell the name of the features, you will mostly get a lot of things and some variants of Baleno even go up to Rs 10 to 11 lakh, if I talk about the top of the line Alpha variant, the maximum goes up to 11:30. But still it is a very good choice for you, now one disadvantage of Baleno is that overall we do not know exactly how it is its safety because all the safety features are available in this vehicle but how is it exactly, it is difficult for that. Right now yes, it is true that the facelifted Baleno which was sold in the global market got 3 stars out of five.


Nissan Magnite


Now the fifth car which comes in one category is from Nissan which is the Magnite. This is a very good proposition for you to consider today because in this you are offered both 1 liter non turbo and turbo petrol engines which give you decent enough power.

 Non-Turbo and Turbo performance is very good, now the specialty of Magnite is that there is a lot of space in the car, the overall features are also decent enough for the price and also gives you the fullness of a big size car. Atom Match is a surprise, so due to this, it will become a good package for you. Magnet also gets a 4 star rating. It is called Asia and Cup Asia and Cap, hence it is not compromised anywhere in terms of safety. Overall, Magnet is a very good package. It is a well-rounded package and according to me, you should definitely consider these five vehicles. If you are confused about these 10 lakh rupees witch, then bye but if you are still not able to understand what is new then I am wrong somewhere.

If your thought is that I will take the car, then in that case I will recommend you. You can clarify all your doubts by connecting with the team of experts on phone call, not me more than me.




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