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Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G World’s First Phone With Magnetic Charging

Infinix’s Note 40 Pro 5G has arrived. Yes, it has been launched in India today and you get many word-first features and the best thing is the charging solutions they have brought here, the dedicated chip they have given you is very good. Amazingly, today we will tell you about it in detail, you will see the box, there is a charge like this and it is very cool in the box.


Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G Unboxing


So we will see that Note 40 Pro, first you get this retail box, keep it aside, this is the Make Power, you will remember that we used to charge the iPhone, Max Safe, this is something similar which works in this phone, more details about it further. Will talk and here’s its little brother coming inside the Macpad side straight to the phone and see what you get here in the box

 So first of all you get your phone, after that you will get many things which are often included in Infinix phones, so from here we take it out, you get a 45 watt adapter.


You get to see a Type C cable, there are some sticker papers on it and we also talk about how it works further.


Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G Design & Build


Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G Talking about its design and build, it is of very hard quality like our phone, the variant we have at the back is leather back, you also get a glass variant in it.


 The one with class is with Cityscape Golden color, this is the color we have, it is Vintage Green, the one with leather, it also has curved edge at the back, so the group will be good at your place and one thing, when I took the phone out of the box, it I noticed that its weight and thickness is very good. The thickness is 8.09 mm and 90 grams, so it is very light and sitting in the hand field looks quite good here.

You also get to see dual speakers here, dual mic, type C port, dual SIM, everything you get and the love you get here are made of polycarbonate, IR blaster is also found on the top, you also get an under display fingerprint scanner. X axis linear motor is also given, haptic is also given, you will get a good look at different places in the form, there are no complaints here in this matter also.


Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G Holo Light


Apart from that, you get a hello light here on the back side, it works, statement is first and you also get an option which works here automatically according to your habits, if you put the phone face down, then the light comes on from the back which if She stays late whenever she receives a message or a call.

 When you run a game, it lights up, the music goes into party mode, you get your own assistant whose name is Flex and you are like Google Assistant Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G, which works in different ways and answers your questions while charging. When you plug it in, that light blinks in different colors, so the hello light you get in this way is the first in the segment that you get to see in phones. Let’s talk about the battery.


Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G Battery


Talking about the battery and the 45 volt charger given to you in the box, it will take about 45 minutes to fully charge it, it depends on it and at the same time it supports PD3, it is a universal charger, now third party devices can also charge it here. You can charge the rest of the battery with the charger. We have not tested it in detail, so we have left it out.

Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G

 But here the interesting features that you get in charging solutions, here you get India’s first dedicated power management chip in it which is Chit But as you can see, you can see that fast charging, multi charging, wireless charging is also supported by 63 standard, there are many features which this chipset brought here, along with that here you also get dynamic charging mode, you get one.


Hypercharge: Here you can charge your phone very fast, like if we talk about Note 40 Pro, it gets charged 50% within 19 minutes, but the phone may get a little hot on this, then you will get a smartphone. You get a charge which is 50% in 26 minutes. Then you get a low temperature charging board here. It brings down the temperature of your phone and makes the charging a little slow. This mostly happens if you leave the phone plugged in at night. If you give it time, I think it will work quite well, but the Note 40 Pro Plus has Hundred charging, so you will get a little more charging speed there. Now this World Cup is the first Android smartphone.


In which you get wireless magnetic charging solution. This is the support of wireless charging of Maths 20 board and the match which we have given here above, you can charge it wirelessly by magnetically attaching the power to it. Yes, you can do this. Which is very powerful, it is a power bank in itself. You get a battery of 3000mAh in it. The Type C port is quite light and slim for charging and it also supports charging through app protocol and K, that is, it has This means that it is universal, we tested it on iPhone also and it works on that too.


Apart from this phone, now the wireless solution means that you will see here if I put it in this manner and I go outside and someone is talking on the phone.


 What will he do if suddenly his battery gets drained? Then he will have to go home and put it on charge or if he has carried a power bank which is quite heavy, he has to put it on and after that he will have to charge it, but what will happen to you? No matter how much you talk, the battery of the phone gets charged and there will be no battery drain and you can do all your work easily, then in this way, this is the solution which is available at your place.

Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G

 Apart from this, you have also been given a charger, this is also similar but it works through Type C port, so it is like this, the charging solution which has been brought here in Android, you get a lot of lotus in it. If you want to charge any phone or any accessory wirelessly, in an emergency, if the battery of any phone suddenly goes to 0%, then what does this phone do? You have to attach that phone behind it but go up and reverse the option in the notification panel. You have to turn on the charging, after that it will work wirelessly. You can charge any of your other devices or accessories. Apart from this, you also get the support of reverse ward charging and there is bypass charging as well, so basically it provides power to the motherboard. Apart from your battery, your phone does not get hit much while you are gaming and you also get extreme cold charging.


If you go to a very cold condition in which the temperature is like in the mines, then this phone can easily take charge there too. Another thing is that you get the feature of smart overnight charging in it which works through the iPhone. According to your charging habit, it will charge your phone overnight and also you get 1600 charge cycles in it. 325 years long lasting. Now you can use your phone.


Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G Processor


Talking about performance, you get Mediatek Dimensity 70206 chipset which is a 5G chipset, score is around 160000, CPU total is around 80% which is a good score and in balance scores, I can say here that LG Retired Forex AFS 2.2 gives you Multitasking app is available, open close, everything was good, whatever we did with the phone, it was giving very good smooth performance and here you get it in third generation paper.

Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G

 Which is 30% more than before, they have increased it even more, hence they have tried hard to control the thermal etc. Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G The rest of us have done the duty of high end games, you have no problem, the phone is very good for gaming, let’s talk about the display. 6.7 inch Full HD display in the center which gives you 55 degree angle curved display with 3D curved i.e. if it has cognizance then you get to see a lot. Is it 120Hz? Do you get a high refresh rate? So smoothness is included here. And you get peak brightness of remaining 1300 pixels.


Outdoor visibility is also amazing both at your place and in Indore, we checked it from different angles, we can clearly say one thing here that they have used the panel very well, rest of the people you get support from blue light, 10 best ones. The display is very clear, we have seen everything like sharpener colors etc., videos etc. and you also get to see the production on Gorilla Pipe display, so this display will excite you a lot. Let’s talk about the software.


 This time they have done a very good job in Blotmas, that is, they have almost cleaned the phone here, you will not see their form store also, you will not see any useless third party apps here, so the ad notification is very good and I like it very much. It seems that Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G took this feedback like they did with their last 10 Pro, here they did the same with this one too, so you will get a very good software experience if you compare it from before and this is with Android 14. You will get an AAS 14, it comes with a lot of custom features.


 You were given an option in the settings, by going there you have multiple options if you want to customize your phone.


 You can get 2 years of yearly subscriptions, 3 years of security patches, usually Infinix used to give 1 year of security patches, now they have made it 2 years, so you will get updates in this phone till Android 16 and hopefully you will get the updates here as soon as possible. Along with that, you have a call recording in it given by the stock dealer. If you want to do recording then now you can do it easily here.


Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G Camera


 There is a 108 megapixel primary sensor in which you get hope and here you are given two separate sensors of two megapixels, but there is no ultimate sensor in it.

And you get Max 2K video in it which actually works at 30 FC and with that you get a 32 ​​megapixel selfie.

And here also you get video of match two, you also get slow motion video at 30 FC, the quality if you see the sharpener is quite good, the photos taken from the rear camera are also good here but it is okay at some places.

Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G
I mean, I can say like this, but the photos that people have taken and the dynamic colors that are here have come out well, you will see the colors etc., you will see good selfies too, so the selfies here are also good selfies, I would say, it is a little okay, a little more work should be done on it. Needed


But here if you look at the selfie quality then it turns out to be good. If you look at the video quality then here the stabilization is good.


Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G network connectivity


Talking about network connectivity, 5G is checked, 5G shows, we also downloaded and checked everything, there is no problem with 5G, Bluetooth is 5.2, Wi-Fi 5 is available, NFC and all the senses are supported here. Is


Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G Price And Conclusion


Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G Now let’s talk about its price here, for now I don’t know the price at which this phone is being launched but I know about the offers of free books here, you are getting very good offers on the launch date. Like this and you will get both Mach Power bundles inside the box if you have booked it for free on the first paper here, like here if let me tell you the value of both is ₹ 5000.


This Mach Power that you get is worth Rs. 4000 and how do you get this match for Rs. 1000, Rs. 5000 and this entire work of Rs. 5000, they will be given to you bundled in a box in the very first sale, so if you give it quickly, then You will get both the charging solution here

No need to spend separately for that




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