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Top 12+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phone Launches May,April 2024

Top 12+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phone Launches May,April 2024 Which phones are going to be launched in the month of April? Well, let me tell you one thing that in the first three months of 2024, I am extremely happy and on the 23rd, to a certain extent, we were saying that brother, these were very good days for smartphone buying. 2019 he is not going to come again but after coming in 2024 it looks like this


 When we see how much money we are paying, how well the phones are taking, it is increasing and I am extremely happy about that in April, some such phones are going to be launched which according to me are very good, they will be launched in March. There were more launches, there are going to be fewer launches in April.


 But some very popular phones are going to be launched and I am going to tell you about all of them in different price segments. Let me tell you something big, friends, I don’t like one thing. I would do so much but many people still don’t subscribe. I try too hard. We will provide all the information to you. To ensure that the information reaches you, do one thing honestly.


Upcoming Smartphones Above 50k


Let’s start like this, tell me one more thing, 99% are going to give you phones worth Rs 60, 70, 80 thousand, you don’t have to spend that much money, Amy Karo is going to come but let’s talk about flagship, if you want a smartphone with the latest cutting edge. Obviously you must be seeing a phone above Rs 50000 which is number one in camera.


Best Upcoming Mobile Phone: oppo find x7 ultra

Upcoming Smartphones Above 50k

The battery of Oppo Find It will not happen, I don’t know when it will happen but it is a global launch.

Best Upcoming Mobile Phone: IQOO 12


After that, a special edition is going to come for IQOO 12 which is already launched. Friends, in mid-April, there will be a special anniversary edition according to me and it will be in red color etc. Its back will be a little different, again the cold welcome specification told you if not in the video. I will definitely go and see it

 It is on a special edition with a different bag. These two phones are about to be launched but I am waiting for the upcoming G phone which is a very interesting and very popular phone at Rs 30,40,000.

Best Upcoming Mobile Phone: Motorola H50 pro series


 The Motorola h50 pro series is going to be launched but the first Motorola 50 pro is going to come, it is going to have 7 guns 3 on this processor, it is going to have a polluted screen of 2008, it is going to have a great camera.


 Where were we going when I went into this, we were talking and the people of Motorola said that we are doing a lot of work, first on the software and second on the camera, so I’m really looking forward to this. A is going to be launched on third April only, then Motorola h50 Pro will be launched in the first week of April. I’m really looking for the camera and software experience or do you take offline phones? You know this is something, I want a percentage but you can also comment. Please tell me if you want to buy a new phone, it is a very popular phone in offline stores or online.


Best Upcoming Mobile Phone: OnePlus Nord 4

 Friends, the OnePlus Nord 4, its younger brother will also be talked about in the coming days and remember its performance, if we talk about 7 plus gen3 then 8 guns 1 agent 2 are the phones, you will not miss it, it is going to have such performance but it was. The biggest thing in Note is this Note for me and not C4, I will talk about it in both of them, friends, you have 100 watt charging, there is an internal battery and it has a process of 4 m, so think and if the battery life and quick charging is going to be amazing then OnePlus Nord. 4 is also coming Motorola h50 pro is also coming

Upcoming Smartphones Above 50k

 Also, OnePlus C4 will be the younger brother of Note 4. It will have a boot camera setup of 7×3 and a primary sensor of 600 255. The same is going to be launched on the first of April, which means it is going to be launched in the next few days in four-five days.


Looking for Samsung Galaxy m55


 So I am looking for Samsung Galaxy m55 this launch, remember m54 was very popular and whatever it is, m55 is also going to be there, so it is going to be tremendous in terms of performance, obviously it is AMOLED screen, 5000 mAh battery, there will be triple camera setup, this is also probably going. TO LAUNCH IN FIRST WEEK 1ST YEAR GOING TO BE LAUNCHED IN 2ND WEEK APRIL MAY

Top 12+ Best Upcoming Mobile Phone Launches May,April 2024 Which phones are going to be launched in the month of April?

So a lot of phones in 32000 price range which I am really looking forward to and a little more about the budget series around 20000 15 to 25000 price range, one of the phones in 25000 price range will be the T3x, the T3 which has just been launched, go and see it. gonna have a little brother


 It is going to have 128 IPS LCD screen on Time & City 7020 processor, it will be under Rs 15000, it has 44 watt charging but it is going to be launched around mid April, similarly it is going to have 6.74 inch 144 Hz IPS, it has a battery of Rs 6000. If a 6000 battery is important then definitely look for an e-cold z9x, it is going to be launched around mid April, let me tell you one thing about Tecno Infinix, I have been watching it for the last 6 months.


 Tecno Infinix launching crazy good phones and Techno Pova 6 series also coming.


 Which is going to be very high value for money at a very good price, it also has 6000 battery charging, timing is 6080 processor, display is going to be there and again around 15000, the upcoming six series is going to be excellent as well and so on.


 The Infinix Note 40 series also has wireless charging


Wireless charging display is going to be Time Density 7020 5G Process Again I think it’s going to be below 20000 so crazy good phone it is going to be below 20000 Hundred watt charging wireless charging, you will also get AMOLED display so this is also around mid April exact date but around mid April and then you have


Motorola G 64 phones are again very popular


 Samsung you know my surprise OnePlus my surprise phone launch these are the phones that these are definitely launching  8 10 11 phones definitely launching And April is going to be excited, like I said earlier, friends, good phones are available at good prices and this is what Indian audience is, we are friends, we want good things.

 This was at a good price, what are you going to do? If you liked it.




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