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Samsung Galaxy M55 5G Price And Feature 45W Fast Charging

Samsung Galaxy M55 5G Unboxing 

Samsung Galaxy M55 will give complete information in very techno style. If you are new on our Website, this time it is a little bit thick and for the first time in Samsung’s M series we are getting support of 45W fast charging, so they have done this work very well. is 425 watts

 But now they have increased this, let me tell you that along with this Samsung Galaxy is an under Rs 15000 smartphone, it has a Super AMOLED 90 Hz display camera and you will get updates for four years, so that is also a phone, you can give its information in the description. Now let’s inbox here immediately. Galaxy m55 5G is available.

Back Make for India Secured by Knox All the information is given here Let’s inbox it immediately First of all we get our phone Let’s keep it on the side The color we got is very interesting Let’s talk about it In this you will what you get is you get some papers


You will see here along with the Samejector pen and here you don’t have anything, you are Type C, you are Type C only, yes, this is the box content. Before that, two more things have to be told to you. Samsung Galaxy M55 is a flagship category smartphone and M series which is Basically it falls in the most value for money category


Samsung Galaxy M55 5G Design & Build


 Let’s quickly come to the phone, take it out of the pin here and you get this phone with a very different look. Now here, first we remove everything from the frame. Okay, you should see the frame very nicely. Now this color We have, its name is Light Green, you will also get to see Denim Black and I would not call it shiny glittery or glittery, the visual looks like shiny visual.

 Meaning, if you hold it lightly in front of the light, you will get a visual effect of multi color, it looks very different and it is very slippery. The thickness is 7.8 mm, according to me, Samsung. This is one of the slimmest smartphones of the M series. Well, I can say that it is very slim and is 180 grams, so its weight, the weight distribution which is in hand comfort is very lotus, so it is very good here in terms of form factor. You will get to see this phone as well as its rear camera layout which is very minimalistic.


You get a similar layout as seen in Samsung’s flagship S series, so that at the bottom you have a mic hall, you have a Type C port, one speaker at the bottom, one at the top, in your office you get dual stereo speakers, so this is Samsung. has given


 The good things about it are that a mic is also given on top, so you get dual mic here, SIM tray on the left, here you get hybrid stall, power button on the right, volume key above it and you get an under display fingerprint scanner.

So this has also become very good, you are also getting a fingerprint scanner under display and everything given here like haptic, while multitasking, while typing while doing other tasks, everything is good.


Samsung Galaxy M55 5G Processor


 It has a Snapdragon 7 Gun 1 and here you get to see it at 4 mm which is very good, you get battery efficiency with Cortex a710, you get prime course, you get Adreno 644 CPU and here Antutu score was 584000 balance score.

Because you will get to see around 6 lakhs here and the CPU total was a very good score of 91%, there are throttling issues here, it was too much work, its Thomas are also good, if you do your tasks, if you are into gaming also. Why not, this phone doesn’t become much of a hit.

 So that BGM, we have set it on HDR Ultra and we are playing Call of Duty, we have set it on Very High Max, then it is breaking the barriers of gaming, it is going to the top.


If you want to play games on high graphics then you can do everything here 3.1 App Open Close Multitasking Read Write Everything is amazing here – So this phone performs the tasks but does not feel like a shooter in the case.


Samsung Galaxy M55 5G Display


You get a display of 6.7 inches Full HD Plus with Super AMOLED Plus, that is, it is slightly brighter than Super AMOLED and the maximum peak brightness in it is

That 1000 net outdoor visibility is good, Indore is also very good, we have checked it from many different angles.

Samsung Galaxy M55 5G Price And Feature

No matter how many steps you look at, the display is visible from every angle and here you also get Vision Booster, so it enhances your picture quality, video quality even more, E-Carry Mode is also available here, you also get Active Eye Comfort Shield. You can toggle it from the notification panel and at the same time you get a higher refresh rate of 120 pixels, the smoothness of the display will be quite good here, so anyway, your experience here is based on the software combination.


I say UI, when you swipe it here, you will know that the bezels you will see this time are very slim, you will see them left, right, up and down.


 You get to see very little here and this flat display, you will also get white living experience here and whatever display experience we have tested has turned out to be very good.


Samsung Galaxy M55 5G Software


Talking about software, we have to tell you a lot of things, one is that you get Android 14 on 1 UI 6.1, you get Android 14 out of the box and here you get 4 years of annual updates and 5 years of security patches, that is, you get 15 years of security patches in it. 16 17 18 You will get updates till Android 18 which is a good thing which is not surprising because Samsung provides this thing in its phones.

Samsung Galaxy M55 5G Price And Feature

 Dealer has stock in it. If you want to do call recording etc., you can do that. You get voice fox, then if you get a feature like environmental noise cancellation while calling, you have to kiss the background noise, you get it only on a single tap.


You can do that here, Knox Security is available here, Secure Folder is available here, you get the Quick Share feature in it and also there is Samsung Wallet, so you can enjoy all the features of all the wallets here. But you can use it because you get it in NSC. It also has a Tapan Pay feature, so you can do that here too, friends, there are no ads inside the UI and you will not get an unnecessary blood test. There are some print apps if you want. can remove them


There is no compulsion and we also saw the gland above the lock screen, you can disable that too, there is no compulsion but the experience of 1 UI is this much I can guarantee you because I am personally doing it, it is very good. Is


Samsung Galaxy M55 5G Camera


 So the software experience you will get here is the right one. Talking about the camera, you get 50 megapixel primary sensor, you get 1.8 and it comes with dew which is quite good and also you get 8 mega ultrawide and micro.


Rest of the Max 4K video you can shoot at 30 FC and talking about selfie, you get a quite impressive 50 megapixel selfie and here also you can shoot Max 4K video at Thirty Express, remember friends, at this price range there is a lot of All the brands do not provide 4K, Samsung provides this work, I like Samsung very much, rest inside the camera, you will get Adaptive V in it, here you will get video stabilization, the quality you will get, it is good to see.

 And along with that, Nitrography is provided here, you also get support for Super HDR video, so these are some of the features which you can export inside the camera.

Samsung Galaxy M55 5G Price And Feature

 Apart from this, if I talk about some other features, then you have dual recording in it, you have image clipper, object eraser, all these things, if you want to edit from the gallery, then you can take advantage of them as per your convenience. You can talk about photos. If I do, here you get very good photos, it is good during the day, here we also took a lot of photos against sunlight, so they have been captured very well, the portrait shots have come out well.


If you look at everything here like bouquet edge detection, then it has taken very good photos, even after taking very natural photos, it comes out well. There is a little game change in the slightly vibrated selfie, the face looks a bit warm but the quality here you will see is 50. Even if you increase the number of megapixels a bit, you will get a good view of the sharpener there and the night photos also came out well here. There are not very bright photos in the night, but the noise that has been maintained here is what you get. Is


It is rarely available and you can take good quality photos at night, whether it is rare or selfie, otherwise friends, I will do a complete review on it and will tell you in more detail about the camera.


Samsung Galaxy M55 5G Battery


Talking about the battery, you will get the battery and the battery capacity is good, even after that they made the phone slim and lightweight, so I like this thing very much and at the same time, Spotify charge, like I said, you will not get the charger in the box, if you let’s charge it

 So it gets fully charged in about 50 minutes and also if we talk about battery drain test, we also received this phone very quickly, which means it came late and the work was done very quickly, so now we have done the battery drain test in detail. Haven’t done the drain test but as per the normal usage of 5000 month battery, it is giving full day backup easily.


 Now I will give you a complete review and then I will tell you how well its battery is performing here.


Samsung Galaxy M55 5G Connectivity & Extra Feature 


Talking about network connectivity, it is 5G. Dual SIM is 5G. Multiple 5G bands are given. We inserted a 5G SIM card. the 5G network is shown and there were no issues of much drops. We also tried downloading it and there were no problems there.

 Wide One is L1, Bluetooth is 5.2, Wi-Fi 6 is NFC and all the senses are supported here.


Samsung Galaxy M55 5G Conclusion


Talking about Prince, you get it in three different variants, 8 128 is its base variant, then comes 8 256 and finally 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage. Well, for the first time in the M series you get a 12th GB variant which This time it is possible with m55

 So I don’t know about the price but the expectation is that it will be below Rs 30000, rest of the information I will give you in the description, we will give you a complete detailed review on it, for that you must watch our video because we are talking about a lot of Let’s do reviews and you guys have given a lot of love to it, review it very soon, what is your opinion about this phone which we will bring within a month, whatever you are doing, do give your opinion, suggestion and feedback by commenting.




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