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If you are a new creator and your views are going 100,200 or 1000,2000 and your account is not growing then look, I think you are making one of these five mistakes or maybe all of them. What are you doing due to which your Instagram account is not grouping?

 Fix Them to Grow Fast on Instagram

Many new creators are wasting their time by making these mistakes, so I do not want your time to be wasted. It can be any of these mistakes, so you do not have to miss even one, so let’s talk about the mistakes first. Do you know what mistake the new creators are making?


They are creating their account by looking at others. They feel that these categories get a lot of views and I have also made the same mistake. 2 years ago, you can go to my account now and see my old rails when I was on aesthetic rails. I used to make it after seeing someone, then I came across a lot of aesthetic grills and there were millions on them, so I also started making them after seeing them and it is not that my account did not go, my account also got a lot of cows. Rail also went into million


 But as I entered this category, I will tell you what problems happened to me, so see, I will tell you in short so that the article is not too long, so the first problem.


Mistake One Wrong Category 

When I got 10 followers on my account, the views on my rails were getting between 20k in a day but when I got 50 followers on my account, they were still getting the same number, so I thought it was just because of my account. Same thing is happening but no, when I looked at other accounts of my same category, the same problem was happening with them too. Second problem is that story views are very few in this category. One is my friend.

 Fix Them to Grow Fast on Instagram

 The one who has 50 followers but he rails on a different topic, his category is different from mine, so one day he sent me a screenshot of his story views, I saw that he was getting 10 times more story views than mine. The third problem is this aesthetic content. It seems that it is aesthetic but people see it from the perspective of status. Do you know why these aesthetic reels go so viral because people share them in the story?


A lot of people share it due to which it goes viral quickly and if your heart goes to million then very few followers will increase in it but right now I am not going to upload any heart or any post on my account. The content that comes after 2 years will always be there for the next 2 years and I am also interested in it. Unless you have basic knowledge of any category, you do not have to upload content in it. You can do one thing, you should take a paper and pen. And names of 10 categories are written in it and now you have to select one of them.


You have to see what you are best at and what you can create in which the content will never end because you will always have new things coming in it. So in this way you can find the category, then let’s expand it.


Bed Quality Towards Our Second Mistake to GROW FAST ON INSTAGRAM


So look, we all know that content is everything but if I say then there should be a balance of content and quality. If your content is very good then you have worked hard in it.

 But if there is no quality in it, then Instagram does not boost it so much. For example, if you have created very good content and it gets between 50 to 100,000 views, then you will be happy to see those views, but you do not know that She could have gone further, but she could have gone further and Rail Your Millions was a teacher.

 Fix Them to Grow Fast on Instagram

 But because of the quality, it also becomes useful, so you have to balance both, see, I am talking about quality, so don’t think that quality only matters.


 There is nothing like that, you guys, see for yourself when you scroll through the rails on Instagram, does Instagram show you low quality hearts? No, Instagram always shows you good quality hearts, so here I am with better quality. I am not even talking about, if there is a decent normal quality then that will also be fine, see let me tell you some tips to increase the quality.


 This will not increase the quality but if it makes a difference even by one percent then I will not tell you why. First of all, let’s talk about the suit. If you do your shoots outdoors then try to suit at the time of sunset because that is the best time. Now you get the highest quality and if you have an Android phone then avoid shooting at night because that time does not get good quality and one of the biggest mistakes that many new creators make.


He used to grade his colors too much, because of this the quality of ours gets spoiled, so you do not have to over grade the colors. When you upload it on Instagram, then you can apply this filter and see it. I have done it a lot. becomes a little smoother


 You won’t notice that much but when it gets uploaded you will see a slight difference of 1% and there is another filter which I used to do in many of them and that is this one, see, I have not done it in every which I felt was best. Only applied in that after this


Poor Branding from Our Third Mistake to GROW FAST ON INSTAGRAM


Look at the poor branding from our third mistake. By poor branding, I do not mean that your logo is bad, your username is not correct, look, it looks bad only when you make it attractive, you make all these bios, you make all these bios. Look at the fonts used in these

 They are looking so unprofessional. Now the simpler the font you use, the more professional your bio will look and you do not have to write your bio too long because no one has time to complete your bio. You just have to write it in short. You can tell about yourself or you can write something about your content. You have to keep it short in three to four lines and another mistake that many new creators make in their bio is to Also attach your email ID in your bio. There is a new feature in Instagram where you have to attach your email ID.


 Then an email button will come here, after that any brand can contact you directly from here, so now let’s talk about the profiles of people, here I show you some profile pictures, which ones are looking most attractive, some are most of the people. These are thought provoking because they look professional and because of the close-up shot, people are more attracted.

Here I am showing you some profile pictures. This is the best size for any profile picture. After that let’s talk about the user name. Here too many new creators copy. After seeing the accounts of other influencers, you do not have to copy. As much as possible

 Try to make it unique and it should come in the top on search and yes, let me tell you once that I am going to change my user name also because there were a lot of problems in it, I will tell anyone.


So it does not come in the top. On searching, many other accounts also come up and if you guys comment then I can make a complete detailed article on it. If you get all these right then your profile will look very attractive because as much as The more professional your profile looks, the more real it appears.


After this fourth mistake wrong topic to GROW FAST ON INSTAGRAM


 Look, a new creator makes a mistake in starting, when he creates his account, he thinks what to upload first and he quickly copies others, then you people will go in the comments and say that brother, I am training sound. I had also contacted him, my contact was also good but if he does not get views then he will not come. Brother, I will tell you what you have to do now.

 So, you have created your account in your language category, there must be more people in that category who are creating rails, there must be other people also creating them, you have to see their account and see their latest rails, you can see as many as 9 10 and You have to see which one gets the most views, then you can trade it to the one which has the most views or you can read the comments of their latest rail and from there you can get the history of what people demand from them. What are you asking to make? You can make it or you have to make some training sound for it.


 All the creators are making rails on what is happening to them a lot right now. Now let’s talk about our last mistake which I think many new creators make.


Learning but not applying 


All the new creators just see the article but do not apply it, like you saw this article of mine and whatever mistake I told you in it, if you do not correct it by going to your account, if you are seeing only such articles, then when will you go? Look friend, I don’t want you to just look at my article, whatever points I tell you, whatever mistakes I tell you.

 First of all you have to apply them, after that you have to see my article or that of any YouTuber. Whenever you see any article, like you searched on your YouTube, how to do virus by heart and you saw my article or that Before watching anyone’s article, ask yourself, what article have I seen before?


 Did I apply the points mentioned in it on my account? If the answer is no then do not look at the article and the more articles you look at on how to go on Instagram feels virus, how to go on account, the more you will apply on your account. You will be able to focus on work. See, friend. Look at less articles and apply more. I hope you liked this article very much and you all must tell me by commenting.




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