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Tecno Pova 6 Pro 5G Launch 70W Charging, 108MP Camera



Welcome friends, today let’s unbox Techno Power 6 Pro 5G and will give you all its information in this Article. Techno Power 5 Pro was one of the most successful budget smartphones from Techno, now I am Techno and have come to succeed. Pova 6 Pro 5G is like this


Tecno Pova 6 Pro 5GUnboxing 

 The design of the box is a little different, how do you get a good quality back in the box, you will get the phone, a cursor pen, a charger which is of 70 watts, yes and you also get a type C cable, at the back you have a folic operated back made of polycarbonate and the design behind

Tecno Pova 6 Pro 5G Design & Build


 This motherboard interface is described here and it costs only a few rupees, which means it will appear as if there is a motherboard which is visible from the back here. The R interface is also available here with the backlight, talk about it in detail further. do and let you know as well

 It is 7.9 mm thick and has a thickness of 495 grams i.e. this is one of the slimmest 6000 image battery smartphone or India’s slimmest 6000 image battery smartphone which here gives you such a slim form factor and a big battery as well, the rest is a 3.5 mm jack at the bottom. There is a Type C port with a mic and at the top you also get a mic, and at the top you get a rectangle master for dual mic noise cancellation.


 The speaker grill is also placed on the top, which means that it has dual speakers, which is good and the audio experience is quite loud. There is a SIM tray on the left side, here you get a full size stall inside it, so this has also been done very well.

Power button is on the right side, volume key is above it and under display fingerprint scanner is given.


Tecno Pova 6 Pro 5G Arc Interface


But this time you get an AMOLED display which has worked well and the fingerprint scanner installed inside the display here is very fast and responsive. You get two colors, one you get green which we have here and you get one meter more. Gray color will also be available. You get the backplate of March, this time you get to see Hundred Plus Customization.

Here you have been given an option in the settings, Dynamic Light Effect, now you get many features in it, you can customize it as per your choice, then if you want to keep it continuously on, then give it as you like or whatever it is. You can keep


If you look at the notifications of calls, when you go to the option, inside you will see fusion alert, power, rhythm, flop, pulse, breath meter, the lights in different ways give the effect which makes it look like there are many calls.


Tecno Pova 6 Pro 5G Processor


This time they have worked better than before on the Ark interface. If I talk about animation and effects, then here you can turn on the camera ring or light or on the right side you can turn on either of the two options. You get a chance to turn it off then you get intelligent connections for music for notifications such as Bluetooth WiFi NFC for those who have a light wallet

Rest, if you have to turn on the continuous lights, the battery will be consumed, but if you want, you can do this also, then you will have to charge 10%, 20%, 30% as you like. If you want to take photos for games, if you click photos, then there is a timer. Once set, the light at the back blinks.


Tecno Pova 6 Pro 5G Camera


 You will know that the time has come to take a photo or to record a video. For that, the phone starts up and if you have kept your phone like this, then it automatically becomes mute and the backlight goes off, then you It shows

Whether the phone is coming or a call is coming or a message is coming, then in this way they have used your interface very well once.

 Techno Power 6 Pro

 Which you are going to enjoy a lot, the chipset of Diamond City 60806 is good in itself, here you get decent Antutu score, CPU total is around 4.5 lakhs, CPU total was very good, 92 thermal etc., you have come out quite good here and at the same time PDR 4X 2.2 you get app open close multitasking red write speed everything was good we have used cooper generally


Tecno Pova 6 Pro 5G High Bost Game Experience


Apart from this, you get a high boost gaming engine in it. If you want to get some more benefit while gaming and want to make tweaks in the gameplay, then you can do that here.

There is no problem on BGMI HD because we have no problem on Hyper Clock, so if you want to play the game by setting it on high graphics then you can do all that here.


Tecno Pova 6 Pro 5G Display


The display is available at 6.7 inches, if seen, it has been upgraded from Techno Pova 5 Pro, it had IPS, this time they have used AMOLED and here you get a higher refresh rate of 120 Hz and you get a touch sampling rate of 360 Hz. You get a peak brightness of 1400 nits

 Techno Power 6 Pro

 Outdoor visibility was also very good. Whatever display we used in the order was quite visible and DC P3 etc. is available. Power supply of 2160 is also given here.


The video quality was also very good here. The panel is very good, bright but sharp, there is no problem there, in fact you are given a grade of 360 years, you get five more in the center, it is very small, China is also very less, you get it, so the price. According to this, the punctuation and symbols have been maintained very well and the screen guard has also been installed for you in advance, the rest we checked on YouTube.

 So you get support of 60fps on 1440p, so you can take advantage of YouTube videos very well. If we do a full review then we’ll talk about the display further in detail. We will also talk about the software. Yes, 14 Android 14, so this time Android 14. Only you get it and here you will get the support of call recording etc. which is installed in the stock dealer here and in this, friends, we saw some pre-installed apps but you can remove them. The Perform Store is also installed.


 Its notifications come but you can also disable it and along with this, we have noticed another feature inside the software, that of dynamic port, if you like, like face unlock and screen recording etc. If you want notifications in the squad small window, that too is available here. As for the camera, you get it and a separate sensor of 2 megapixels has been given to you and here you get 2K video max.


 At 30fps and if we talk about selfie, there is a 32 megapixel selfie and here you have also been given dual LED flash in the front. If you want to take good bright photos at night, if you are in very dark conditions then it helps you a little. I am showing you the before and after here, you can see the rest here, you also get the support of your video in Max Selfie.


 Talking about 30fps and slow motion, if you want to take slow motion video on 248, it is also given here which is of good quality, you can get it here, you get a portrait, 1x and 2X, you can see the portrait shot in real life. The photos taken here are very good with the camera, as per the price, they have taken very good photos, all the range detection, sharpener etc. are very good.


 In fact, the photos appear to vibrate, you can see this and apart from that, you also get 10x zoom in total, which is in the video photo. If you want to take a zoom shot, you can also take it here, it is dual view. There are many extra camera features which you can take advantage of, you can see that the color correction is good, the saturation is maintained.


 Everything is good, the sky is also very visible, so there is no issue of over saturation here, the photos seem vibrant, they look good, the colors etc. also come out very well here, so the photos are of very good quality, same goes for selfies. Even in sales, no one is too complacent here, good selfies are taken

 Techno Power 6 Pro

And if we talk about night photos, it has taken very impressive photos even at night, the brightness is very good, the noise reduction is good, so they have done a very good job and just like Tecno Pova 5 Pro was in terms of room, this too is something that I liked about it. Looks like more upgrades


 If I talk about the room, then good photos are given here and can be taken at night, be it real or selfie, video quality if you see.


Tecno Pova 6 Pro 5G Battery Performance


You get a battery of 6000 mAh, as I told you, it is India’s slimmest and lightest smartphone with 6000 mAh battery. Yes, you get a 70 watt adapter in the box. Fast charging is very good and you can charge it from zero to 50% in 19 minutes. You can charge it in 6000 rupees and it will take a little more than 1 hour to fully charge it, which means it is very good, charging support has been given here to charge the battery of your 6000 rupees quickly and Brandy has also claimed that you will get five Yours Healthy Battery is available here


 Meaning, its battery is such that it will last you well for 5 years. We did not test it, but if we talk about normal use, then it will give you a full day and a smooth backup from 1 to 1:30 pm, as per our test. Photos and videos came out at full brightness and the backup was very good.


Tecno Pova 6 Pro 5G Network Connectivity


 Talking about network connectivity, you get 5G. Multiple 5G off to wide one album is provided. Bluetooth is 5.3, Wi-Fi is 5. You get NFC in it. Yes, NFC is also supported here. NFC is also supported on the back tag.You get support of FM radio and all senses


 Now friends, if we talk about the price, I do not know its price for now, I have made it before the launch, so maybe you can get it for Rs. 20000. Whatever happens, I will show you on the screen because till the time our editing is done. Maybe price information will come


When you look at the screen you will know what is the exact price, I will add your description in the comments and I will definitely say that there have been a lot of upgrades.




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