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Motorola Edge 50 Pro Price,Specification First Look



motorola edge 50 pro what’s up like a 125 watt super fast charger ip68 50 watt wireless charging 10 watt reverse wireless charging telephoto lens with a camera along with new hello ui have changed inside it comes with it will start some unboxing but let me tell you the price

Motorola Edge 50 Pro Price

You start with 8GB RAM, 256GB storage at Rs 31999 with a card discount of Rs 2000. The offer price will be Rs 29000 and its higher variant also comes with 12GB RAM. Quick unboxing time. This complete box is actually in plastic free packaging. comes

Motorola Edge 50 Unboxing & Physical

Proper environment friendly box, like I inboxed it once because I wanted to check initially, what is given in the phone, but when I opened it for the first time, I noticed one thing, perfume is being put in the bun, friends, fragrant, give us hardback. The cover is semi-transparent and by doing this the phone will be of G color. It will be found matching the color along with a Type C to Type C cable in the box and a super fast charger of Rs 125.


One thing you should pay attention to here is that if this phone is taken with 8GB RAM, it will get 68 watts fast charger and with 12GB you will get 125 watts fast charger, although 68 watts is also quite fast and I have H50 Pro Lakshadweep. The color is available in two colors, one more will come, one is Black Beauty and one will be Moonlight color. Two colors are available here with vegan leather but the Moonlight Pearl color comes with non-vegan leather, for those who do not seem to care much. Can do but liter is subjective for them


But personally, I found the black beauty and that moonlight pearl color more attractive with the smartphone. So here, the back side that we have is a glass material and the frame on the side is a metal frame. If you see it, merge it by giving a slight slide. Given is the back panel and when is this phone going to come with a display? 

Well, the phone is very slim, perhaps that is why the battery here is 4500 MB, otherwise we get 5000 IG. The weight of this phone is 186 grams, so it is light. It also feels heavy and the phone is comfortable to hold because front and back are also in the shop and no doubt the phone is good looking and feels premium as per the price. I would like to share more important information here. Do information like you want to tell here. I would like to get dual stereo speakers like you, loudness is good, support of Dolby Atmos will be available, special sound support will also be available, haptic motor which is

It is not very strong while typing or switching the camera mode or switching our recent applications but definitely it is a little better quality than the normal vibration one and it comes with proper IP68 water and dusting and is 15 5G. I checked, Honor is not showing right now, although there is an option to enable it, Honor is showing 4G plus 5G plus.

 That is, there is carrier aggregation here, I checked the sensors, all are found here, here with the bottom mic, above here with the second noise cancellation mic, on the right side, below the power button, triple mic is given here, 3.5 jack will not be found and There is a SIM slot, you can put two SIMs inside it, so here this is Type C port, it is generation 3.1.

 This is not available quickly in a newly launched smartphone at this rate. All this was there and at the same time if we talk.


Motorola Edge 50 Display


Front i.e. key display is 6.7 inches, this is a Full HD Plus Plus i.e. 1.5 KP display and along with this it is a 10 million display, the screen refresh rate is 144 Hz, in fact I checked, it shows 128 on auto but if you enable 144 Hz. If you do it then I noticed

Along with 144, like here on Twitter, Play Store, Instagram YouTube, all this also starts showing at 144 hours. After turning on the refresh rate, I checked that it is 62 and 144. Can switch, automatic optical in display fingerprint scanner will be available.


 Which gives good speed, here you have given this butt on the bottom side, here is one thing for the first time, this is the world’s first phone in a way, you have heard of Pantone color, I showed you how Motorola made recent by doing art with pants. For some time now, every year brings a new color of pants.


 Motorola also launches phones of that color and also numbers its colors so that we can extract the butter accurate color from those numbers. So what has happened this time is that this phone is not a color evaluation but it is also given to you along with its display. To give butter colors, you will also get such options as Natural Radiant in the settings of the phone and what about real life, the display here gives you good colors, the pixel brightness is 2000 pixels, but in real life when we use it. took out


The display is quite bright and the viewing angle is good. The colors are good while watching multimedia videos. Other options like flicker prevention are also available in the display’s settings. I checked on YouTube. It supports HDR. It is currently available on Netflix. HDR support not showing


Motorola Edge 50 Performance & New Hello UI


Motorola should fix this through software updates etc. And one more thing I noticed is that you can play 4K videos comfortably on YouTube, it plays smooth, when you play HDR videos on YouTube, there are frame skips with 4K quality but You don’t get frame skips on HD or Full HD, it plays smoothly and what about display protection, I don’t know officially about it, which one is given, but this time I noticed that they have given screen protector out of the box, meaning you after. Will put tempered glass in

But earlier they did not provide these screen protectors, which is a good thing. I liked this step and now I am going to talk about its performance software because Penyu Hello UIB is given here.


I show soap with this, you get a Snapdragon 7G 3 processor for performance, its Antutu score is good, around 8.5 lakhs, it is not much but it is also not useful and the RAM here is LG 4X and U face 2.2 storage. Yes Strange I Wish You Would Have Given Face 3.1, Many Brands Provide This


 At this rate, they have given 2.2 but they have added extras along with it which many brands do not give and when we look at its performance in the real world, here you get Android 14 in the software.

 And this time they have made it 3 years in the future, it has given it 3 years of Android updates and 4 years of security updates and along with it, its UI has been named Hello UI this time because it comes with a new change, something first gets noticed.


This phone shows me Facebook and LinkedIn, there are no other useless notifications, when you scroll down, look carefully, earlier it was like this, now it looks semi transparent like this, earlier the side bar was in rectangle shape, now all the options are straight, coming from top to bottom and Some changes like if you go to its home screen settings, it is shown in a new way, a little semi-transparent, which looks good, first look at the home screen settings, it used to come in a different way, in fact, if you go to Personalize.


I can shop, if you show it in this way and here on this wallpaper, if you type, you get an option made with a. Inside this, basically you can capture any photo or select any photo from your gallery, this photo here. let’s select

So it can generate wallpaper, it shows the type by doing three things, in fact you know this is an S series phone, so here you will get the feature of ready, if you do not know what is ready for you, you can use it wirelessly or with wire. If its phone is connected to TV or laptop, then here you will get the feature of ready. How, if you do not know that it is ready for, you can connect it to your TV or laptop wirelessly or wired and after connecting it, your phone. can fully explore


 There you can launch applications, do multi-tasking, drag and drop files, make your phone like a webcam, anyone can get all these but some things have been changed in a new way like I have kept it connected wirelessly. Is there any application ready with this laptop, so I could have opened it earlier also, I could still do it in the same way, it got opened but there is a new way.

For example, my Instagram is open from here, now I have minimized it and I want this Instagram to go there, so just raise it a little, the icon comes here and this is what I did, it opened there instantly, you can see this. Yes, you or I have to do the photos.

 So you get the stream of photos at the top, basically it was swept straight from here and went there, the storage is 80% full, there have been many small and big changes like I saw the one with big gestures etc. which was up where it shows all its gestures.


Motorola Edge 50 Pro Camera


Slightly different from Motorola, Motorola has improved a lot, especially in photos and according to Motorola, they have also applied it in Bhai Panto validation camera and in the camera they have added the scan option here. This Adobe scans directly here. If you want to create documents etc., well here we have micro 0.5x1x2x, this is the camera, it is capturing and 3X is its photo.

 You can zoom it maximum up to digital, up to 30x, these are some micro photos, different is ultra wide, this is digital with 1x2x, 3X, 10x and up to 30x, 30x is quite mind, you will not get so many photos, but up to 10x, it is quite usable, photos quality. but I will come right now


But with the telephoto lens added, you can click powerful photos. Here you get four options in the powerful option. You can take photos from the camera up to 24m, 35m and 50m and at 85m i.e. 3X photo. Once the switch is made, you get the option of portrait photos. It takes a little time to process but the photos that come are powerful photos. Looking at these photos, you will see that Motorola has really worked on the photo quality.


In fact, in the portrait, I clicked the photos opposite to the sunlight. It was about sunset, so the light became yellow-red. After clicking the photos, you can see that it is balancing well. I clicked the photos randomly here in the studio. It is a very colorful photo, so this photo has also come out well in these facts and the photos of ultra wide angle camera, click separately to see the camera details of ultra wide angle camera are looking good here.


 Sometimes the photos come out a little saturated, but with study colors, but overall the details and dynamic colors in the photos have been improved a lot by Motorola. I will test it further. Should we work on a comparison or review, as it happens, please comment and when the video quality. Talking about 4K 30 FC, the option is available in both camera and selfie camera. You will get the option up to 1080p 60fps. I did not like the video here but yes, now it is average.


Here you can shoot video with 4K 30 FC selfie, here you can get an idea of ​​audio video, you can see the selfie photos by clicking, I also liked it, it balances dynamic colors etc., so all this was there in Motorola Edge 50 Pro.




 If we talk overall, then its internal memory is 2.2, this phone has been made in such a way that some phones target only the performance and then do not give many things, they have kept the performance in the mid but apart from that, charging IP rating, wireless charging, good display, photos. They have improved it and also give you the option of 256 GB storage in the base variant only. How did you like this phone? Do tell in the comments and if you like the video then like, share and subscribe. I will meet you.



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